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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNokvisOkvis Main namespace of this package
|oNcamerasCameras Namespace for camera-related functionality
|oNceresCeres Namespace for ceres-related functionality implemented in okvis
|oNIdProviderProvides IDs
|oNkinematicsKinematics Namespace for kinematics functionality, i.e. transformations and stuff
|oNthreadsafeNamespace for helper classes for threadsafe operation
|oNtriangulationTriangulation A namespace for operations related to triangulation
|oCPublisherThis class handles the publishing to either ROS topics or files
|oCRosParametersReaderThis class extends the VioParametersReader class in order to use ROS services and topics
|oCSubscriberThis class handles all the buffering of incoming data
|oCEstimatorThe estimator class
|oCKeypointIdentifierUnique identifier for a keypoint
|oCMatchType to store the result of matching
|oCMapPointA type to store information about a point in the world map
|oCObservationFor convenience to pass associations - also contains the 3d points
|oCMeasurementGeneric measurements
|oCImuSensorReadingsIMU measurements. For now assume they are synchronized:
|oCDepthCameraDataDepth camera measurements. For now assume they are synchronized:
|oCPositionReadingPosition measurement
|oCGpsPositionReadingGPS position measurement
|oCMagnetometerReadingMagnetometer measurement
|oCBarometerReadingBarometer measurement
|oCDifferentialPressureReadingDifferential pressure sensor measurement
|oCCameraDataCamera measurement
|oCKeypointDataKeypoint measurement
|oCFrameDataFrame measurement
|oCExtrinsicsEstimationParametersStruct to define the behavior of the camera extrinsics
|oCImuParametersIMU parameters
|oCMagnetometerParametersMagnetometer parameters
|oCGpsParametersGPS parameters
|oCPositionSensorParametersPosition sensor parameters
|oCMagneticEnuZParametersMagnetic ENU z bias
|oCBarometerParametersBarometer parameters
|oCQffParametersQFF parameters
|oCDifferentialPressureSensorParametersDifferential pressure sensor parameters
|oCWindParametersWind parameters
|oCOptimizationParameters for optimization and related things (detection)
|oCSensorsInformationInformation on camera and IMU setup
|oCVisualizationSome visualization settings
|oCPublishingParametersSome publishing parameters
|oCVioParametersStruct to combine all parameters and settings
|oCVioBackendInterfaceAn abstract interface for backends
|oCVioFrontendInterfaceInterface for frontends
|oCVioInterfaceAn abstract base class for interfaces between Front- and Backend
|oCVioParametersReaderThis class reads and parses config file
|oCFrameA single camera frame equipped with keypoint detector / extractor
|oCMultiFrameA multi camera frame that uses okvis::Frame underneath
|oCFrontendA frontend using BRISK features
|oCVioKeyframeWindowMatchingAlgorithmA MatchingAlgorithm implementation
|oCDenseMatcherThis class matches keypoints from two frames in parallel
|oCMatchingAlgorithmInterface for 1-1 matching between lists of things
|oCThreadPoolThis class manages multiple threads and fills them with work
|oCFrameSynchronizerThis class combines multiple frames with the same or similar timestamp into one multiframe
|oCImuFrameSynchronizerThis class is to safely notify different threads whether IMU measurements up to a timestamp (e.g. the one of a camera frame) have already been registered
|oCThreadedKFVioThis class manages the complete data flow in and out of the algorithm, as well as between the processing threads
|oCVioVisualizerThis class is responsible to visualize the matching results
|oCDurationBaseBase class for Duration implementations. Provides storage, common functions and operator overloads. This should not need to be used directly
|oCDurationDuration representation for use with the Time class
|oCWallDurationDuration representation for use with the WallTime class
|oCNoHighPerformanceTimersExceptionThrown if windoze high perf. timestamping is unavailable
|oCTimeBaseBase class for Time implementations. Provides storage, common functions and operator overloads. This should not need to be used directly
|oCTimeTime representation. May either represent wall clock time or ROS clock time
|oCWallTimeTime representation. Always wall-clock time
oNopengvNamespace for classes extending the OpenGV library
|oNabsolute_poseThe namespace for the absolute pose methods
|oNrelative_poseThe namespace for the relative pose methods
|\Nsac_problemsThe namespace for the sample consensus problems
oCPinholeCamera< DISTORTION_T >This implements a standard pinhole camera projection model
oCProjectionStatusIndicates what happened when applying any of the project functions